Data carriers

RFID datadragers

Data carriers contain the data which identify an object or person. The information can be static (e.g. for the identification of a trolley) or dynamic (e.g. for temperature registration during refrigerated transports). 

We determine together with the customer the most suitable technology. In some cases, this can also be a combination of various technologies, like an RFID label with a printed bar code. In this way, both technologies can be transparently used on different places at the same time.

If the available standard tags do not fulfil the customer’s needs, we are able to develop customised RFID tags which are adapted to your process. 

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Data collection

RFID datacollectie

RFID tags can be read using fixed or mobile reading equipment. There are various standard solutions available on the market such as handhelds, portals and scanners. We integrate this standard equipment but as this does not always fulfil the customer’s exact needs, Aucxis can also provide the required customised equipment.

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Data processing

RFID dataverwerking

We have developed our own software in order to link various data collectors (RFID readers, bar code scanners, handhelds…). R-Connect is built up from different autonomous modules that are linked to one another. In this way, Aucxis can systematically add new data collectors.

R-Connect processes large collected data volumes into useful information for the above lying data management systems. For this purpose, we have various interfaces at our disposal which are programmed to meet customer requirements when requested.

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Data management

RFID datamanagement

Data management encloses all activities enabling digital data to remain traceable, accessible and comprehensible. This includes data storage, access, management, combination, transformation and exchange. Consistent, reliable, real time information supports the optimal course of your business processes and helps you taking strategic decisions.

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