Optimisation of logistic processes

In the agriculture and horticulture sector, RFID is already successfully applied by various actors in order to increase the efficiency in logistic processes. The grower uses it to trace his trays, the auction applies it throughout internal logistic processes and at the wholesaler and exporter, incoming and outgoing trolleys are automatically detected and identified using RFID technology.

Tracking and tracing is also applied for harvesting and preservation in this way, containers with freshly harvested vegetables or pallets with fruit are closely located and followed.

Food safety

With RFID temperature sensors, the temperature of refrigerated products or frozen products can be registered and monitored during transport; alarms are generated when the temperature is rising and the historical data give a clear picture – place and time – about where something went wrong.

Our solutions

Aucxis already implemented numerous RFID solutions in the agriculture and horticulture sector, for example:

  • Identification, tracking and tracing and management of logistic carriers, both large and small: trays, flower pots, boxes, roll containers,…
  • Tracing trays and contents
  • Identification and authentication of CC containers (Scan Buddy)
  • Optimisation of the internal auction logistics
  • Tracking and tracing of trolleys
  • Automatic control of chain conveyors or other logistic transport systems
  • Automation of the clock supply
  • Automatic registration of trucks and load, inbound and outbound
  • Container tracking through GPS-RFID technology
  • Identification and location of boxes in the refrigerated storage
  • Automatic registration of import, export and movements of pallet boxes in ULO cold stores
  • Temperature registration and monitoring

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