An optimal production process

Globalisation has led to a fierce competition between companies in various sectors worldwide. The automotive sector is no exception. In this ongoing struggle, efficiency is one of the essential cornerstones for each car manufacturer and automotive supplier who wants to remain competitive. The production process needs to be completed as optimal and as short as possible. That is why it has to be effectively conceived, controlled and streamlined, from the production of parts to the post-production of the end product.

Our solutions

RFID proves to be an adequate means to streamline production processes and to automate assembly lines in the automotive industry. The technology allows among others to:

  • quickly and automatically identify, localise and follow parts and products (asset tracking & tracing)
  • synchronise production flows so that materials are situated at the right time in the right place
  • localise each vehicle during post-production, even within thousands of identical vehicles (thanks to the unique ID number, the production history of the car can be consulted)
  • quickly and automatically detect errors and send notifications so that one can react quickly and costly delays are avoided
  • reduce human errors to an absolute minimum.

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