Tomorrow’s hospital

Complex processes under a uniform architecture
A hospital is functioning on the basis of a large number of complex processes. Tracing and automation is becoming more and more indispensable and is applied in various departments and processes. For tomorrow’s hospital, Aucxis supports the vision that any type of automation – regardless of the department or technology – has to fit in the generic total architecture of the hospital, so a sustainable investment is and fits within a uniform management.

Logistics control
Logistics optimisation is finding the balance between minimum costs and maximum service. In the fast changing hospital structures, the optimal control of the logistic processes is absolutely necessary. Identification, serialisation, tracing and location are the spearheads for this.

Our solutions

Aucxis is implementing various hardware technologies (RFID UHF, Wi-Fi, infrared, BLE…) in order to realise Track & Trace within the departments of a hospital and is seamlessly linking this variety of hardware to its universal framework R-Connect.  

RFID in hospitals

Through customised interfaces or according to known standards, R-Connect makes all logistic events available to the existing front-end applications in the hospital: ERP, WMS, invoicing, Facility, Planning, GP information system, EHR,…

In this way, the hospital can gradually introduce tracing per project, per department or per process, but still develop one generic and uniform architecture which combines sustainability, scalability and which is budget-friendly as well.

It is a great advantage that each logistic detection of an asset or person can also – in function of one certain project or process – be captured by all other processes within the hospital because of the standardisation, so that they can all benefit from this. IoT intra muros the hospital!

Examples of applications

  • Tracing of implants | Consumption measuring in the operating wing
  • Control of consignment sets and loan sets by means of image recognition
  • Asset or patient localisation by means of “last seen” detection (LSLS) or real-time detection (RTLS)
  • CSD tracing of instrument nets: hybrid solutions
  • Picking, replenishment and order processing in the stock rooms
  • Patient guidance in the polyclinic

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