Accurate and quick tracing across logistic processes

Each manufacturer would like to be able to automatically follow his articles, batch numbers and serial numbers, from goods receipt to shipment. Often a system is needed which is able to manage bulk reading (simultaneous reading of different codes) or reading ‘hidden’ items (contents of boxes or pallets).

RFID can be used in nearly all logistic processes of different industrial environments (such as food, chemistry, tools, carpet tiles, packaging,…).

Our solutions

Aucxis can support manufacturers by means of RFID technology in the following ways:

  • Goods receipt: bulk reading
  • Link with PLC through various interfaces among which Profinet
  • Localisation of assets and people
  • Following products through the production process
  • Warehouse: stock management
  • Inventory: automatic counting through hand scanners
  • KANBAN system: replacement of manual barcode scans by automatic RFID reading
  • Progress control: quick information about the phase in which the product is located
  • Quality guarantee: traceability until serial number
  • Load control: automatic connection between vehicle and goods
  • Shipment: bulk reading
  • Time registration: possibility to exact subsequent calculation; search times are reduced to a minimum
  • Access security

Aucxis unburdens the customer by offering him a clear, real-time overview of the goods’ location in the turnaround process.

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