Quality and safety

Quality and safety are two absolute requirements in the pharmaceutical sector. Regulations are strengthened and accreditation requirements are becoming more and more stringent. RFID offers the technology to meet these requirements.

Our solutions

Aucxis offers RFID solutions to monitor processes, control flows, measure and enforce quality standards, not only in cleanrooms, but also in the supporting processes, stock management, HR controls and the entire supply chain.

RFID applications for cleanrooms

  • Person detection
  • Reconciliation of samplings
  • Control of cleanroom occupancy
  • Operator detection in the production line
  • Track & Trace of instruments throughout the entire process (disassembly, cleaning, autoclave, assembly)
  • Contactless operated pivoting doors (cleanrooms class A, B, C)

RFID in the supply chain

  • Inbound and outbound control
  • Stock inventory
  • Packages identification
  • Portal control at loading quays
  • Truck management
  • People steering

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