Efficiency and reliability throughout the chain

The logistics service provider of reusable packaging serves the entire chain, from manufacturer to retailer.  ‘Pooling’ includes lending, delivery, recuperation, washing, repair and continuous reuse of standardised load carriers such as pallets, roll containers and crates/boxes.

Efficient organisation of pooling is a must to guarantee optimal reliability throughout the chain that is why a comprehensive system for the registration of asset flows is required.

The challenge for Aucxis is to realise total automation of the logistic processes and to reach an optimal turnaround time.

Our solution: the depot of the future

Aucxis developed a solution for ‘the depot of the future’ which includes (specific) hardware, middleware and software and consists of different modules which can be purchased separately according to the customer’s needs.

Aucxis RFID Depot van de toekomst

Each asset is equipped with an RFID tag and/or barcode. This one is registered in the depot through different reading devices: RFID portals, vision portals and handhelds and quality stations which validate the  barcode and RFID functioning.. 


  • Yard Management
    All processes on site (outside the building) relating to truck management: registration upon arrival, assignment of dock or waiting area, unload detection, registration of departure, etc.
  • Inbound Management
    All processes occurring from unloading the trucks to storage or outbound process.
    • Unloading: employees are automatically directed to perform actions at the dock and to deliver assets to a drop-off location.
    • Counting & Identification: all load carriers which arrive, are equipped with a label which identifies the shop and the contents of the load carrier. They are scanned and the contents of the load carrier are automatically counted through RFID portals.
  • Processing
    Automation of the process through which the assets have to go, for example unstacking and sorting, quality control, open / wash / close / stack the assets.
  • Outbound Management
    All processes occurring from the moment that the goods are ready for shipment.
  • People Steering
    Automatic assignment of tasks to employees through a portable scanner; this in order of priority and location/availability/skills of the employee.

The web application ‘E-Track’ is the portal which is used to manage all modules: the customer can consult and adapt the data and retrieve reports.


  • Stock control of all assets in the supply chain at any location
  • Track and trace of all assets
  • Lower loss in the supply chain
  • Higher efficiency
  • The customer is completely unburdened

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