Accuracy and speed

are two absolute requirements in the rental sector. RFID provides the technology to meet these often conflicting demands. RFID makes it possible to automate processes, to speed up operations and to enforce correctness, not only when delivering and taking back assets, but also in internal processes, such as stock management, inventory, registration of repairs and inspections.

Our solutions

Aucxis offers a total solution that uses RFID tags, different scanning devices, R-Connect middleware and R-Track, a clear and adaptable software platform that provides insight into all actions and supports and optimizes the entire rental process:

  • Manual counting becomes superfluous.
  • Human errors are reduced to a minimum.
  • You know where your rental items are located at any time.
  • You have a clear and correct view of the stocks of your rental items, including in your various warehouses and locations.
  • You have a clear and correct view of the various flows of your rental items, from and to customers, to and from your various warehouses.
  • Handling your orders is fast, efficient and reliable.




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