Retailers are always looking for ways to manage their stocks as efficiently as possible to distinguish themselves from the competition and to improve the shopping experience. That is why the implementation of RFID is clearly on the rise.

The majority of retailers consider the technology in the first place as a clear path to more accurate stock numbers and as an important part of theft protection. Particularly in the clothing sector, the integration of RFID is booming business.

Automatic scanning for an accurate stock management

RFID technology makes it possible to efficiently follow products during the entire supply chain. In this way, RFID labels can – for example – already be programmed and integrated by the manufacturer. Through RFID reading points – for example RFID gates – these labels are scanned when leaving the factory, when arriving in the distribution centre and when leaving on the road to the retail shop. The last scanning takes place then when arriving in the retail shop and when arriving at the cash desk. This accurate registration during the entire life cycle of the product enables a sound and efficient stock management.

Convenience and speed at the cash desk

Thanks to RFID, about ten seconds can be won per product sold. It is also possible to automatically scan all articles of a customer at the same time. A pleasant experience for the customer, who can pay more quickly at the cash desk, but also for the store personnel as the working pressure will decrease.

Theft protection: the right tag

Theft in shops is of all times. Clothing stores, for example, are traditionally the favourite area for shop‑lifters. RFID offers an efficient way to protect products; in this case articles of clothing and accessories. The following aspects are important: the tag or label may not damage the product and it may not be considered as disturbing when trying items of clothing.

A very wide range of products, large and small, can be protected. For the tag selection, a variety of factors needs to be taken into account. The products and their packaging can be composed of different materials and can influence the detection of an RFID signal. Can a durable, reusable tag be used or is it recommended to use an adhesive label which is used only once?

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