An optimal flow from manufacturer to retail

For the logistics service provider, logistics is more than just transport from one place to another. It is a collective term for everything that comes with organizing, planning, managing and executing a flow of goods from the first to the last phase. From manufacturer to the distribution center and from there to the retail.

Logistics go hand in hand with information exchange. In order to be able to manage all logistic processes properly, it is very important to process the information flows accurately. Where, when and how should the goods be delivered? The logistics stand or fall with a good organization of supply, internal goods flows, stock management, distribution and transport.

Our solutions

Inbound & outbound process optimization | Yard management | People steering | Tracking and tracing

Since information exchange is decisive for a streamlined organization of transport and logistics processes, it is essential that this information can be collected and shared quickly and efficiently and is correct and up-to-date. This is realized today with the use of Aucxis RFID technology:

  • In- and outgoing goods can automatically be scanned simultaneously and error-free in large numbers.
  • Vehicles, load carriers and loads can be efficiently located and tracked.
  • On the basis of collected information, processes, vehicles and people can be managed easily, both inside and outside the company buildings.
  • The temperature during transport of refrigerated goods can be registered and monitored.

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